Social Network Analysis and Influencer Marketing Management.

It is clear that we all live in our own communities and these communities have some influencers who play key role for decision makers. In another words, we can even call them as “decision makers’ decision”. Influencers‘ impact on decision makers purchase decision are much more strong than we could imagine . Although these people may not be necessarily direct buyers, their potential for sales comes from their influence power in their community.  As internet world grows more and more and our society gets more connected, communities will be affected more by influencers. Don’t you think  so ? We all ask something and get our peer’ opinion for certain things to buy product, service , anything, Actually, I like the word” inspiration” more than influence. This could be personal option, because these people inspire me to buy.  Whichever we use for this affect, it is the fact.

When think about traditional marketing strategy, its success is limited and unfortunately it depends on lucky coincidences that are not even usually facts. On the other hand , Influencer Marketing strategy serves to entire marketing organizations as well as all other customer/consumers’ touch points. The only core need is such technology that will give us who the key influencers are. It is easy to pronounce but extremely hard to think this technology?  Assuming that we have the technology in our hand, what this technology can provides us ;

·        İt prevents unnecessary and ineffective marketing campaigns.
·        İt helps you to find target community who has strong impact for bigger community
·        İt helps to reduce customer churn
·        İncrease opportunities cross and upsell as well as loyalty.  

               Millions of dollars are spent each year without knowing target community. Think a minute;

o   If you are Marketing Executive from Telecom industry, do you really know where to spend exactly? What about customer churn? What do yu think about increasing ARPU by 5%?

o   If you are an executive in charge of Credit card departments of a bank, are you sure your customers loyalty? Where does all budget go to ? How you know? Do you have concrete results before spending?

o   What about Marketing Executive in retailing industry, who the key people who influence the other people are?

We all say that competition is very tough. In fact current progress in social environment as well as community development proves that we have still not seen real competition. There is no guarantee that you will be the market leader or you can keep your status for a week , if you are satisfied   

What do you think so far, am I talking Data Mining? Absolutely NOT!  Data mining is for prediction of future for required dimensions reading from the past. Whereas, Influence marketing   gives us the reality, who the existing influencers are ? I am not talking about next years predicted sales amount or volume? But we obtain who the key people who have influence on the rest of community are . Then, we will have ability to address those people for marketing effort and budget spends to right people, at right time. This technology will be inevitable tool for AGILE MARKETING!!!!

Like common sayings” If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, You’ll Probably End Up Somewhere Else” .

As a marketing executive, you cannot act this and you must know where you are heading to. so are you wondering what this technology is ? 🙂


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