Business Intelligence is like a picnic?

Well, this is video that I had made May 2010 just to play the tool. It is funny to say that I am personally sometimes surprised by my fast actions. I could have even done this video earlier, the tool was just a reason to make it . The reason I am bringing this to table again is that you just need to take an action sometimes because volatile environment never lets you assign strategy. In fact, even big BI vendors could assign strong BI strategy for long time. They all acted tactical. There are many examples in the market.
In short, I believe that this is not a magic game, it is about balancing to define strategy as and execution process with capabilities regardless of how big BI vendor you are or boutique BI supplier like us. In current technology world, technology integration is not an issue, the real issue is that using technology to enable business; parameters here are resourcing, knowledge, time, speed, satisfaction, , ambition. You do not have to have all right away but if you have these in balanced way; success is over there. I this case, you only need is ambition and passion to keep going, which is sometimes even more requirement or triggering for success. Nothing different from planning to have picnic ! Yes it starts with “wishing to go picnic” but also requires find necessary places in suitable weather and inevitable logistics (food) 🙂 . BI projects and tools are like having a picnic. The best picnic experience depends on you and your selection.:) You can anyhow go to picnic, the important issue is how satisfied you are afterwards..


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