QlikView as association of Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS)

For some of you, who do not know Blue Ocean Strategy; let me give you very brief summary.  It means “make the competition is irrelevant” W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne has written a excellent book. As a sales oriented person, I have always believed similar idea and work unconsciously towards this philosophy, but of course I was not aware of its academic research. (you can get more from the link if you like

Yes don’t you agree that QlikTech has exactly done this? While traditional BI market has been talking about    “technical BI language”, one Swedish company comes to arena and talks about totally something different. At the beginning , although that something was still very important and valuable with the results they come up with;  people, BI market have did not paid enough attention . (In fact, I still see even technological companies that are supposed to be using niche technologies do not understand real value.) Everything was against its totally new approach. Methodologies,  RFPs, ecosystem, expectations, ROIs.  Please note that we are talking about BI market whose nature is like “catholic marriage” J.  I mean rules are for lifelong, never change.  Actually, we still suffer from some lack of knowledge in the market. Nevertheless, what QlikTech has succeeded is just coolJ, as how they are usually called in the market. As opposed to the others and big guys, they have just created their own market. Yes they talked about BI but they have come up their own BI definition, which was very much brave decision when you have to sell software at the end of the day

What happened to  QlikTech now is that they are now tone of the BI leaders ?  The others saw opportunities and entered the market that QlikTech drove followed by acquisitions. Actually I came up with my own wording for jumping the market when you so many opportunities in niche areas. “Green Sales Panic Pathology” I am definitely being sarcastic J Seriously, I just would like to underline the fact innovation effort should never die. Please do not get me wrong, as I am just trying to mention on how important to find out the way of doing business regardless of situation to create business value. It is respectful to see how QlikTech has also executed what they believe. What I observe from people including myself, we all look for reason but not solutionJ . Niche areas should come with niche technologies. E.g. QR codes.  It is also changing many things in business. I do believe that there will be always new innovations, but the most important thing is that these must be game changing instead of fake imitations or useless ones.

Talking about Ocean reminds me summer and holiday; I think my holiday time approaches J 


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