Are you Socialigent ?


I am really envious of people who regularly blog post if it is not their main duty. Work, research, family, some social time…  no time for blog posting. Believe me I have many ideas to write.:)

I have been thinking to write about one simple word. We love to create fancy abbreviation, in many arena not only in IT arena. Since social media has been growing fast with strong buzz, new terms, abbreviations emerge, like “ socialytic “ Despite it is not listed in English dictionary, it is combination of “social “ and “analytic”. People who are in BI arena definitely understand right away. Honestly, I like the term because I do have strong belief on social media and its positive effects that should be measured with analytics. Therefore, it does sense a lot for me, because its specific term!..

What about “Socialigent” I am not sure if it has been ever used (I did brief search , no findings) but I have come up with this new abbreviationJ  As you all can guess it is combination of “Social “and “Intelligent”, because being a social and being an intelligent are different skills. Having both is also definitely another skill (not sure if skill though?) and higher level of word. What “socialigent” means can be discussed, because some people may say this is a broad term that can be used for like adjective . E.g. Company X is really socialigent. It may mean “company X is socially active in the market as well as very intelligent with the actions executed. On the other hand, some people may only use it  for people who are very social but also intelligent. In this case Muzaffer is socialigent person (am I ? that is why I got new termJ). It can be person’s skill:). A person can be mention it in his/her CV “ I am socialigent” like “ I am solution oriented person,”  By the way, I am not talking about socially intelligent though. I mean someone can be socially intelligent but he or she may not be so intelligent? Or you think socially intelligent person should be intelligent too?

Anyway, please let me know if you have ever heard it ,then I should stop saying “ I am father of the term”…By the way, please also let me know which meaning you can prefer to use..

I am planning to come up with special logo of it, followed by  special test and others.. Inspire me



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