Honest Salesman:)

Thanks to twitter friend CaldysTake , I saw this video is hilarious. I laughed so much, why? Because I have been in sales long enough, I can understand the tinny points that are meaningful for sales people.Besides joke as opposed to many people’s approach, sale is very hard. In fact, it gets harder and harder while technology and society improves so fast, believe me sales get harder. I am talking about regardless of industry you are in. E.g. I am in technology, software sales arena for long time after textile and retail experience.
Yes, I can get many contacts from internet, it is truth.
Yes, I can utilize technology for the sake of my job.
Yes, some harder things get more simple compared to long time ago.(e.g.technology)

But these does not change the fact you must to your numbers. What numbers? The ones assigned within strong competition. You must know many things too though. Sales people must be always exceptional, even if you promote big vendor. However, being as sales girl or salesman‘ major requirements are kind of inborn skills. Yes I believe this. This does not mean that it cannot be learned later on, definitely, it can be learned. “ Exceptions do no break the rule, do not forget”. New generation are more social, which is good. They are more open for change, flexible, comfortable in society. When these are used for in good manner with necessary motivation, ambition ; perfect result is not hard to obtain. However, what I have seen nowadays is trying to get easy money. Instead of trying hard, they always choose simple (for me lazy) way. As said ” no pain no gain” will never change, even in current business world that you can become a millionaire in couple minutes. Everybody cannot be Facebook owner, Google or others.
By the way, I always say I am not a good sales person while others say opposite (thank you all); however, I always say that this is my life , and I am not faking at all. I love meeting people I love activities, even sometimes doing cold calls , read alot, observe alot, trying to be better always , yes still!! Each project I obtain is my own Facebook. Each competition I won is my challenging success. the ones I lost are my trigger to better. Why? I quickly call , “what is next?”.

In summary, person who is sales should find it her/him own way to progress. I believe that sales business cannot be done because of only money. Money is one the key necessities. Have you ever heard any successful sales professional who is rich but not publicly known? Or with couple company network? Lazy? Or why do you think that most WW organizations ‘ CEOs have sales background ? Because all pains that they suffered also cultivate them for next step. Anyway, I did not want to give a lecture, just want to mention that it requires sacrifices, brings pains(in family, social life).so if you haave good sales people, keep them happy and believe me, money is not the only reason! cheers,


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