Collaboration is not need, it is must!


I have been pushing in memory and especially qlikview approach for a while. Similarly, there is  another favorite topic that will be more and more need. “ Business Collaboration”. Attached research shows that Turkey is number in Europe for Facebook usage and I know from other research that it is number #3 in the world.

Hey folks, let me tell you the fact I know Turkish people quite well, as you can respectJ. Nevertheless, I do also understand business dynamics, competition, know-how, knowledge, talent, experience …..Every issue in respect to these are asset of the company. It is clear that our new generation uses these platforms. So? Lets try to get benefit from it. Deploy similar business platform for business purposes. We have been suffering from lack of collaboration even in our company in which there is only 25 people.! Imagine  crowded organizations, too much e-mail traffic, missing knowledge, who does what, who left where   with which info….When you deploy these o your partner, suppliers, customers, called COMMUNITY. I personally admire companies that understand this pain quickly and take an action. I love the saying “ Information becomes knowledge when you collaborate”. Yes, business gets social. Yes, new gen uses this. Sometimes they forget to say hi or their task but they never forget to update their status. Turkey is one of the most crowded population in Europe that should be called paradise for such need. I have been working Community/collaboration issues for sometime and their vendors.. Ask me if you need anything else.. common, collaborate…!


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