Impartial Business Party

  Hi, I have not been aroud for sometime due to  some personel changes , as some of you may call radical though. Actually, I will be elaborating these details later on with necessary lessons that we all should re-think about. I just would like to mention couple things with this post in order to underline one of my observations.

I have been in IT arena since 1995 . I did have several opportunities to meet many people, executives, consultants locally or internationally from many companies-big to small-. There is a fact that global or local vendors provide their best technology solutions for their market;nevertheless, these technologies are not enough for stand alone solution most of the time, as they surely need several components from other solutions. At least, they require strong knowledge,service-consultancy. Sometimes, you need to gather 3-4 different companies at the same table to solve customer problem. Unfortunately, there is a missing part in this communication, since there is  need for impartial party who will be managing all parties without biast 🙂 , who will create common trust and will not let people’s egos’ or other wrong approaches. Surely, this is very hard from several point. Firstly , why someone who will not benefit from this communication should do this ? Secondly, how do other parties trust this party ?  In most of the cases, one bigger party, SIs try to do this. I believe that there is need for this mechanism:) Donot ask me who, how etc. I have my own ideas.. we will see. Doubtless, it requires credibility, years in the market, respect, know “Food for Thought”
why I have written this, since I have been doing some impartial such activities for sometime without any expectation and cleary see progress:). The issue is that we need  to find out modest commercial mechanism for this parties. Mine is just experimental..:)


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