The enterprise opportunity of Big Data: Closing the “clue gap”

This is very good article that I have read about big data so far ,especially with the depiction below. I have been receiving several questions from prospects, customers who know that I have been in BI arena years.

As far as I am concerned, Big Data concept is still new in Turkish market and there is no special approach or structured way, our market seems to choose more secure way working with global vendors like SAP, Oracle, IBM etc.. From my perspectives, although these vendors (I work for one of them) provide some responses , real big data guys are the new emerging ones or niche ones, because they have started from strach and did not care our what the others suffer from. At least, they do not have anytihng worry about like customer case, support etc.  On the other hand, big guys have potentials, bases, money to invest on..:)  I will try to write about it later on but my current perspection and advice ofor big data is hybrid approach based on absultely unique needs. (I am really layz to write blog post 🙂  ) 

First of all, companies should determine the real value of big data for their core business, then care about technology. Technolgoy works, will always work, but some of them will satisfy right way, some will not…but technology will never help you to determine your needs… everyday new start-up with very interesting technology comes to the market. really existing but my request to the market is  You define your needs clearly , do not leave it to the vendors, which will only make you just confused for your roadmap.   



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