What to consider for Datawarehouse Solution

As always I  like IBM whitepapers, blogs and similar documents as opposed to I have not closely experienced their knowledge presentation in our local market. I believe that it is related to our market specıfıcally. Anyhow I really like this simple article and its approach to explain what to expect from DWH. I will definetely use it in my presentation..enjoy it .rgs..




Gartner MQ DWH 2012


Well, Gartner DWH MQ 2012 has been announced. My style for blogging is not to comment on everything since it is so hard to write everything “I know-I saw-I heard” .:)  People many times say different as they think or act totally different. I strongly believe that current Information World has changed and will be rapidly continuining to change.  This different type of MQs must be re-thought constantly. When many people including analyts firm talk about appliance,Hadoop etc DWH world cannot be evoluated seperatedly because it gives wrong result to end users. I fully understand the firms to come up this kind of reports and I personally talked to them many times and listened how hard job they have…but at the end of the day I believe that perspectives must be changed or lets say re-shaped’ !!!! 🙂 IM world is being managed by not more than 5-7 big guys so that it is not fair to judge them in the same basket with  diffent expectation.  example for perspectives ? agility, faster action, integration…I know that these are placed in the reports but lets be honest many people do not even know how to read this kind of reports. One simple sentence in the report says very important fact but who can realize ?…Anyhow I am doing blah blah…


Impartial Business Party

  Hi, I have not been aroud for sometime due to  some personel changes , as some of you may call radical though. Actually, I will be elaborating these details later on with necessary lessons that we all should re-think about. I just would like to mention couple things with this post in order to underline one of my observations.

I have been in IT arena since 1995 . I did have several opportunities to meet many people, executives, consultants locally or internationally from many companies-big to small-. There is a fact that global or local vendors provide their best technology solutions for their market;nevertheless, these technologies are not enough for stand alone solution most of the time, as they surely need several components from other solutions. At least, they require strong knowledge,service-consultancy. Sometimes, you need to gather 3-4 different companies at the same table to solve customer problem. Unfortunately, there is a missing part in this communication, since there is  need for impartial party who will be managing all parties without biast 🙂 , who will create common trust and will not let people’s egos’ or other wrong approaches. Surely, this is very hard from several point. Firstly , why someone who will not benefit from this communication should do this ? Secondly, how do other parties trust this party ?  In most of the cases, one bigger party, SIs try to do this. I believe that there is need for this mechanism:) Donot ask me who, how etc. I have my own ideas.. we will see. Doubtless, it requires credibility, years in the market, respect, knowledge..you know “Food for Thought”
why I have written this, since I have been doing some impartial such activities for sometime without any expectation and cleary see progress:). The issue is that we need  to find out modest commercial mechanism for this parties. Mine is just experimental..:)

Mobile BI and Apps


Well, this is s perfect depiction of mobile world’s affect on application world.  Although applications have become very popular with iphone, business has embraced them strongly. That is what QlikView brought in BI arena. Yes, QlikTech came up good patentent technology with association;nevertheless, I believe that one of the most strongest point of QlikView in BI is vertical or functional business applications. That is why QlikTech now has been motivating its community to go verticals. Real value is there regardless of performance and others but in evitably simplicity surely. It is not directly related to BI but mobile and BI are converging a lot . We will not be using PC or laptop soon..:) So  it is %100 relationship.  Many people are trying to come up iphone apps,what I call is “technology satisfaction” J, but train has already launched. Come up with new ideas!!!!!  Big vendors see apps arena and come strongly. I am sure there will be big changes..

Sharepoint for Collaboration is good?


It is a great article to summarize what MS SP provides for Collaboration + other applications point of you when the focus is social capabilities..We may challenge it since who provides the all!. While Social Apps. Providers satisfy the leads with all social capabilities, they lack of other functionalities. The final point comes to the point that Best of Breed WinsJ or single vendor approach for price/cost performance. I have mt personal feedback, later!:) Cheers,

BI Technology at Banking and Finance Day of BThaber Platform

A minute interview to explain why we have attended to the event.

BI Success From Dicey Thinking – BizIntelligence.TV –

This guy who is Guy KAwasaki is awesome..