Succeed !

Succeed !

I have been in close relationship with SAP since BusinessObjects acquisition  around late 2007. In fact, despite I knew SAP before that, I started to know company dynamics more and more. Actually, I have spent  2-3 years with QlikView as being competitor of BusinessObjects though. After joining Sybase as a part of Midis Group, I have got closer to SAP more than before…

As soon as I joined Sybase, I have mainly focused on couple products not the all of them despite we have done what we were supposed to do with others too.  PowerDesigner, Sybase IQ and Sybase Event Streaming Processing have been my favorite ones. Why? These three products were out of any question from technology maturity, functionality within competition . Therefore, I have been keep pushing SAP colleagues to organize technology dedicated event. Surely, SAP does not consider technology standalone though; actually, The company has been still in transformation period with new comers who bring new logic the company. Despite I would expect one stand-alone dedicated event ; we agreed on having “technology-forum session” in half day in Banking Solution Day held on June 10, 2014.  Well, It was not surprised for me to see such interest, but almost 2500-300 people joined  our technology forum session before noon. Initial concern was if we could see some interest J Actually, we have even closed the registrations couple days before the event.  I would also imagine different agenda  especially in Technology Forum coming from Technology part ,but you know Life is not perfect :)!


To make it short, we have focused on Real Time Analytics with new emerging market called Operational Intelligence (Continuous Query) followed by Real-Time monitoring and Surveillance . It is clear that companies have already some business applications in place with several painful or outstanding  needs. I believe that we could show them how fast and satisfactory real-time solutions in different segments  can be implemented with small budgets step by step.  When I say we , I am talking about Sybase Products Turkey and our new service focus SAP Gold Partner MDS ap ,which was the single sponsor of technology forum. Our senior consultant Bulut Altintas has done great and unique job within even SAP pre-sales world. I have been talking about real time world in last 3-4 events, and I will be keep going  until the real value is understood. While people are busy with Big-Data buzz, we need to come up something meaningful 🙂

We wish to have much more bigger and DEDICATED technology event in upcoming years. Being a one of the technology leaders deserves more, it is existing to see such paradigm changes in SAP during years.




BYOD’a bakıp çıkıcam !

I have just worked on simple BYOD documents in Turkish, mentioning some of simple components, experience and locam market dynamics in Turkish. Please forgive me typos or long sentences.Othwerwise, I will never upload it and it will expire:) cheers

MAD Skills

You must read attached document to understand how new world of big data emerged, and what kind of dramatic changes it has caused  in BI and DWH arena. Writers are very important and knowledgeable academicians,helped  companies like Greenplum, Platfora etc. Please respect the writers’ right and mention their name. you can find original document at following link :

vldb09-madskills.pdf Download this file

The enterprise opportunity of Big Data: Closing the “clue gap”

This is very good article that I have read about big data so far ,especially with the depiction below. I have been receiving several questions from prospects, customers who know that I have been in BI arena years.

As far as I am concerned, Big Data concept is still new in Turkish market and there is no special approach or structured way, our market seems to choose more secure way working with global vendors like SAP, Oracle, IBM etc.. From my perspectives, although these vendors (I work for one of them) provide some responses , real big data guys are the new emerging ones or niche ones, because they have started from strach and did not care our what the others suffer from. At least, they do not have anytihng worry about like customer case, support etc.  On the other hand, big guys have potentials, bases, money to invest on..:)  I will try to write about it later on but my current perspection and advice ofor big data is hybrid approach based on absultely unique needs. (I am really layz to write blog post 🙂  ) 

First of all, companies should determine the real value of big data for their core business, then care about technology. Technolgoy works, will always work, but some of them will satisfy right way, some will not…but technology will never help you to determine your needs… everyday new start-up with very interesting technology comes to the market. really existing but my request to the market is  You define your needs clearly , do not leave it to the vendors, which will only make you just confused for your roadmap.   


What is hadoop and MapReduce in couple minutes?

I often mention IBM and its documentation etc. Here you see two videos from IBM expert to explain Hadoop and MapReduce in couple mnutes,since Iam often asked by even some CIOs, whats they they exactly are… I personally like simplcility of explanations.. Enjoy it

Hadoop :  

Map Reduce:  



Enterprise Listening Platforms

Sadly, I have been researching this arena more than 4 years actively. Since we are in Turkey and we need strong support Turkish, none of these vendors support Turkish classifcation, taxonomy, entities etc..Using Social Media APIs from several vendors and coming up data analysis are not problem at all, the real value for  marketers or brand managers is end-end platform in Turkish.

Even yesterday , I have had webex with one of the raising Text-analysis company in US and Europe who claims having Turkish support. However after n hour, you realize that it is just Turkish encoding support, which is nice too but again End to End support !:). I personally really like visible Technologies very much and always says” I wish it could support Turkish” 🙂 you can download new Forrester  Report from the link. 


BI is still hot -2012

I have been in BI more than 10 years and in fact it was always in Top-3. It is changing, transforming, adding new concepts blah blah but BI is still hot. You know what it will be always hot. What BI means has become the meaning  of business or management way of information technology. If it is not hot , it means you do not care your business.. 🙂 anyway good figures to mention in your ppt.